Total Open Station

Downloading survey data from a Leica TC307 total station

16 Jul 2014

Leica TC307 is a rather old model. The one I needed to use a few weeks ago was set with bytesize 7 unlike later Leica models ‒ although I will stress again that these settings are not fixed and that most of the times it is impossible to associate a certain model with correct default settings. Being in a real hurry to check if the surveyed points were consistent with earlier measurements, I made good use of TOPS for downloading and exporting the data.

Downloading from the TC307 is very easy: you plug the data cable in and power the total station. On GNU/Linux it shows as usual under /dev/ttyUSB0. For some unknown reason I consistently got an error that the serial port was already open (this also happens rather often on Windows, I am told). The workaround in Python is very simple: just close the serial port and then reopen it:

except serial.SerialException:

TOPS now does the above check for you.

The TC307 exports data in various formats, the best choice is usually GSI, and Total Open Station 0.4 (development version) has a parser module for that. Fortunately through this test I could find and fix an implementation bug in the related code.